Pink cloud beauty Pink Lemonade!

Hello all!!

I’ve recently been lucky enough to try a new product from Pink Cloud Beauty!

I was kindly sent a 30 day trial of their Pink Lemonade drinkable beauty vitamins!

The drink aims to improve hair, skin and nails, and contains ingredients such as collagen, vitamin C and E and other goodies to make your hair and skin glow, and your nails stronger!!

I was really excited to try this, particularly to try and improve the strength of my nails. I love having shellac on my nails and went through a stage of having it for maybe 9 months to a year without having a break. Shortly before I received this product I decided it was time to give my poor nails a break and some one to breath. They were so brittle and dry, but within a week of taking the pink lemonade drink I started seeing improvements in my nails!

I hate having bare nails, but for the first time they started feeling strong and healthy again.

I carried on taking the supplements until the end of the 30 day course and I also noticed a good change in my hair!! It felt more bouncy and full of life, and softer in general.

You’re going to have to excuse the not so great picture of me, but here is how my hair looks now!

It doesn’t feel so dull and it’s so smooth!

My overall thoughts on this product:

-They’re super tasty, and I love that they don’t have any artificial colours in.

-They quickly helped improve the strength of my nails, and they weren’t so brittle and dry after only a week or so.

-My hair is lovely and bouncy and not so dull anymore!

I’d definitely recommend this product if you struggle with the above mentioned things, but the product is also great for your skin! I’m lucky to have quite good skin so I didn’t notice too much difference in that, but if you do have skin troubles too then maybe this would be good for you too ☺️

You can get these from and they ship worldwide in case any of my overseas followers want to give them a try!

Thank you again to Pink Cloud Beauty for sending me these to try!

Hope you’ve enjoyed,

– Molly xo

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